Managing Trustee

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the NWS community. This is an Institution where we are deeply committed to ensure that every day each & every student grow to newer heights and leave his/her footprints in the coming years.
We want to provide an exemplary educational experience that nurtures an international perspective through challenging programme of an International school.
For that need of the hour is to prepare our children to become independent thinkers and develop integrated personalities. Our objective is to offer a diverse academic curriculum, wide array of extra-curricular activities and to continually strive for enhancing our students’ skills.
Not only did we make tremendous academic strides in the past years but also managed to achieve athletic excellence. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a high profiled job but is a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral, aesthetic and ethical values to guide and make our children morally upright future citizens.
Through the belief - ‘A child is not just born as a human, but can grow as a great Human being through proper nurturing’; I would like to convey that our little wonders already have a great sense of humanity & sensitivity. We just need to mould them in a righteous way through an atmosphere of love & compassion. That’s why NWS ensures that the students are taught in a caring atmosphere.
We are sure that our journey to excellence would continue with faster pace in approaching years with our reinstated commitment to disseminate quality education in the fields of global world and Information Technology.
Your ideas and suggestions are important and critical to our success.


Campus Director

In order to promote international understanding through education and to make this education relevant to the global needs of our time, NWS aims to encourage the development of intellectual abilities to enable the students for realizing their potential for successful and challenging career and to become “lifelong learners”.
My personal feeling is that in today's rapidly changing scenario, schools have the most responsible and important role to play. The school should attempt to make students aware of various modes of thought, cultures and characteristics of different religions & races in order to build friendly understanding of diversity of value systems. The process begins through social interaction within the school but I hope that as the students step into the real world, they should feel a responsibility to influence attitudes and decisions in the society.
It’s a matter of pleasure & pride for me to have this opportunity of guiding the students of NWS with my experience of over eighteen years in the field of management.
I would like to conclude with the following lines,
Your Child is what I desire,
For years on him shall my team toil and perspire,
I promise to make learning joyous,
Instilling the values that are sacred and pious,